POSITION     : Medical Officers (Doctors (MBBS)) - Colombo, Sri Lanka.

SALARY       : Negotiable

Our reputed client who is a multi national healthcare company provides medical services to private, public and government organizations in many countries. They  are currently setting up their Sri Lankan center and with integrated medical test solution as part of the visa application processing and biometric enrolment regime.

Primary Responsibility:

He/she will have the responsibility to complete the physical examination of the visa applicants as per the checklist and provide his / her recommendation and findings as per the agreed process with utmost accuracy.

He / she will also provide health education to patients.

Role Specifics:

  • Prescribe or administer treatment, therapy, medication, vaccination, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury as per the process and requirement
  • Filling up all relevant details in the EMR reports depending upon formats as agreed.
  • Declare a patient fir or unfit depending upon the relevance of the test -by ordering and interpreting tests and by analyzing records, reports, and examination information to diagnose patients' condition.
  • Refer patients to medical specialists or other practitioners when necessary.
  • Collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical history, reports, and examination results through the clinical management system
  • Explain procedures and discuss test results or prescribed treatments with patients if required
  • Coordinate work with nurses, and other health care providers.
  • Ensure all MIS reports are shared with the concerned teams as per agreed timelines and standards/formats
  • Handle emergencies.

Metrics & Organization Management:

  • Turnaround time -
    • Total time taken at each level of customer interaction.
    • Waiting Time as per agreed level.
  • On -Time Report Approval -
    • All medical reports to be reviewed and rated as per agreed timelines (SLA)
    • The final report which declares a patient fit or unfit as per the agreed timeline.
    • Ensure that the daily reports are updated and uploaded in the system with no backlogs. All reports for any given day must be recorded and uploaded into the system. This includes the reports from the tests carried out the night before
  • Appropriate Guidance with Abnormal reports - Appropriate guidance of abnormal reports to ensure that all checks are completed in advance
  • Appropriate reporting of general physician examination- All medical examination is carried out as per the process
  • Customer Service
  • Adherence to Policies & Procedures - Adherence to -
    • A code of conduct i.e. set of rules that become a standard for all employees under different circumstances in the workplace.
    • Behavioral standards -the reasonable standards of behavior that are expected of them in the workplace. This includes collaborating with coworkers, time keeping, ownership of assigned tasks, ability to take additional responsibilities etc.

OM & Reporting:

  • Reports to the Center Manager or this may change depending upon the strategy.
  • The person may have approx.1-3 direct reports

Qualifications, Experience and Education Requirements:

  • MBBS with a minimum 1-2 years of experience; with team management experience.
  • Proficient in use of computers - word processing & spreadsheets etc.

Mandatory Skills:

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Innovation
  • Problem-solving and decision making skills
  • People Management
  • Analytical skills
  • Planning, Organizing, Directing, Motivating and Controlling
  • Balanced personality
  • Ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Relationship management
  • Self-motivated

If you are interested please forward your CV’s to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

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