1. Our Data Banks
We are fully streamlined with our job portals and custom developed recruitment system to maintain exclusive data banks which are updated on a minute basis; to ensure our clients requirements are fulfilled with best fit match in a shortest possible time.

2. Custom Technology
We have in-house developed custom recruitment management system and job portals on the cloud. We can assure our clients of the most modern, efficient and faster recruitment solutions.

3. Job Website Portals
Sri Lanka’s leading job website portals are owned and managed by us. Our websites have been visited by more than 350,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis.

4. Largest Agents Network
Our agency has the largest nationwide registered agents, sub agents & consultants network to refer candidates to our client’s projects.

5. Business Collaborations
Collaboration with vocational training institutes, private and public educational establishments, colleges, universities, technical institutes and trade test centers.

6. Our Expertise:
Our big family includes experienced recruitment consultants, coordinators other staff members who have gained years of experience in specially Middle East manpower recruitment in their specific industries. They have developed excellent knowledge in candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, selecting of candidates for any requirements.

7. Manpower Shortlisting & Screening
Shortlisting and screening process are the key important milestones in our business. We ensure the quality and most suitable candidates with consistent standards and professionalism to ensure that our candidate lineups are accurate and sound, to the skills required positions.

8. Our Service Pledge
We assure the best service output while we maintain professionalism, ethical business practice, fast communication, best customer care and reliable business partnership.

Our Clients